Introducing our state-of-the-art Centralized Process Automation Platform designed exclusively for the treatment planning and production of Invisible Dental Aligners. This cutting-edge system seamlessly integrates advanced technologies to streamline the entire aligner creation process, providing dental professionals with a comprehensive solution for optimal patient outcomes.

Digital Treatment Planning:

Advanced AI Enabled algorithms for precise 3D modeling of patients' teeth.

Patient Data Management

Centralized storage of patient records, including digital impressions, X-rays, and treatment histories.

Automation of Aligner Production

Automated manufacturing processes for aligners, reducing manual labor & integration with 3D printing technologies for efficient production.

Scalability and Flexibility

Flexibility to adapt to different treatment methodologies and evolving industry standards.

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For Distributors

Features of Nexus Smile portal for Distributors.

Clinics Management

  • Manage Proprietary Clinics.
  • Management of Clients and their Clinics and their Preferences.
  • Management of Doctors and Clinical Staff.

Case Processing

  • Status of all the cases of all clinics.
  • Notification alerts of processing.
  • Case-wise chat among Clinics and the Manufacturer.
  • Track and acknowledge the shipment of cases.

Packages for Clinics

  • Create and Manage Packages for Clinics.
  • Add/Update Specifications of Packages.
  • Localized Pricing of Packages.

Invoicing to Clinics

  • Generate and email invoices to clinics.
  • Reconcile collections against invoices.

For Clinics

Features of Nexus Smile portal for Clinical Users.

Case Submission

  • Online Submission of Case Details.
  • Upload Bulk Cases.
  • Submit cases via the system-integrated Web APIs.

Case Processing

  • Processing Status of the Cases.
  • Track and acknowledge shipments.
  • Notification alerts of processing.
  • 3D Preview of Treatment Plan for doctor’s review.

Case Collaboration

  • Review Treatment Plan and IPR Charts.
  • Chat discussion with Distributor.

Patient Management

  • Patient Profile and Credentials.
  • Sharing Treatment Preview and Schedule to Patient.

For Manufacturers

Features of Nexus Smile portal for Manufacturers.

Facility Management

  • Multiple Production Facilities each having its Distributors, their Clients, and Clinics of clients.
  • Facility-wise labs, equipment, and human resources.

Case Processing

  • Kanban Processing of the cases for respective teams at each level with Process Queue and In-Process states.
  • Instructions, Steps, and Verification Checklists for each process movement.

Case Collaboration

  • Chat discussions with Distributors and Clinics about cases.
  • Shipment Tracking Status from Courier.

Financial Management

  • Accounting and ERP.
  • Invoicing, Collections and Reconciliations.
  • Integrated with payment gateways, PayPal, Stripe.

Patient Management

  • Executive Oversight.
  • Dashboards, Summaries and Reports.

Inventory Management

  • Procurement and costing of materials.
  • Requisitions processing. Low-stock alerts and reordering. Estimation and forecasting based on orders.

Process Flow

Aligners' Planning and Fabrication


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